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    The new T1013 Eagle long range transmitter has been completely redesigned and tailored for FPV with a handful of improvements, such as: new switching regulator, ceramic high efficiency low profile heat sinks, high quality audio channel, runs 50% cooler than its previous model, lower profile, 10 grams lighter and overall better performance.

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    Bringing back an established racing motor with an enhanced "kv" rating right in the sweet spot.Paired with a 5040 quad blade, this motor produces upwards of 1400g of thrust.

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    The ElectrifyRC™ 30A ESC is a new generation ESC that uses cutting edge technologies in hardware and the latest in leading edge firmware. This ESC is one of the best BLHELI_S ESC available on the market.

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    The 2406 Pro Series motors were tailored to combine power and flight efficiency. Besides the Titanium shaft, these motors also comes with Japanese EZO high speed bearings, that will provide a perfect dose of punch and speed available at the finger tips of the pilot.

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